Friday, February 12, 2010

Love the title, not a big fan of the cover

I am so excited that the title of the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy yesterday, and I think the title of the third book is absolutely perfect-- Mockingjay. Since these books are the story of Katniss who herself has become the mockingjay--a symbol of hope and rebellion--I am excited to see how she will accept and respond to her symbol of hope.

I know the previous two covers have had the mockingjay on it, I don't like this cover as well. I really like the symbolism of it--the mockingjay breaking free and taking flight on a light blue background--I just don't like the execution of it. I don't like the drawing of the bird, I know as Katniss has grown as a character, so has the detail of the mockingjay. But this mockingjay illustration seems cartoonish. I also think this particular blue color is jarring when placed against the other two titles.

But despite a cover that doesn't grab me, I will be there on August 24th eagerly anticipating getting my copy before locking myself in my room to finally read how it all ends.

Check out this article for more Mockingjay news.

What do think about the cover? Do you like it? Hate it? Does it make you excited for its release?

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  1. OH my gosh...I am so excited for this book I don't care what the cover looks like :) To be honest, the original covers didn't make it look like a book I would want to read, but I love the story! I couldn't believe the cliffhanger on the last one :)