Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Angel on Main Street

For work I've done a lot of asking people if they wanted to be part of a book blog tour. When I was asked to read Kathi Oram Peterson's newest novel, An Angel on Main Street.

An Angel on Main Street evokes the charm of an older era.

It's 3 days before Christmas in 1953 and Micah Connors is in trouble, and it isn't even his fault. He had promised his mother that he would try to stay out of trouble in their new town, Bolton, Idaho. But when he sees a friend playing craps in the alley, breaking up the game seemed like the wrong thing to do.

Faced between the option of jail and having the Sheriff tell his mother, Micah would rather choose jail. At least then he wouldn't be disappointing his mother. It's been a long year for Micah and his family. His father was killed in Korea and his mother has struggled to provided for Micah and his little sister, Annie. Money is tight, food is almost nonexistent and Annie is really ill.

As Micah is being escorted home by Sheriff Anderson, all he can think about is how unfair this is. But Sheriff Anderson offers Micah a bargain. If Micah will shovel main street until Christmas, he won't tell his mother.

As Christmas draws closer Annie condition worsens and Micah is afraid that she might die. The only thing that is bringing Annie hope, is watching the crudely built natavity go up in the city center. Annie believes that this means that the baby Jesus is coming and that he will make her better. Micah vows to find out who is making the nativity so that he can bring Annie the baby Jesus.

As Micah shovels the sidewalks and searches for the missing baby Jesus, he is forever changed as he sees that angels are nearer than he ever believed.

An Angel on Main Street is a simple story of never judging outward appearances, second chances are real, and that Christmas miracles really do exist.

If you are looking for a tender story to remind you about the true reason for Christmas, this is it.

An Angel on Main Street can be purchased here.

The author is sponsoring a contest from now until December 5. To enter the contest all you have to is email the author at kathiorampeterso@yahoo.com with an experience you've had with someone who has been an angel in your life. The winner will be announced on her blog. A gift certificate from either Seagull Book or Deseret Book will be given to the winner and an "Angel" in his/her life. This contest celebrates the selfless, kind acts performed daily, many times unnoticed. Christmas brings out the best in people and I wanted to give others the opportunity to thank those who have touched their lives in a profound way.