Monday, August 17, 2009

What Book Got You Hooked

What Book Got You Hooked? Is a national campaign that I came across and with reading such an integral part of my life I had to pause and think about which book it was that made me really enjoy reading.

I remember vividly a number of picture books, The Real Mother Goose, Horton Hears a Who, Madeline, A is for Annabelle, Make Way for Ducklings, etc., but I think the first book that got me hooked was The Boxcar Children books. Maybe it was because I had a first grade teacher that made me read three sentences over and over again nightly, and I HATED the exercise. I still have very vivid memories of sitting on the couch refusing to read them. Seriously don't know how that didn't turn me off of reading for life! But that book opened up a new world for me. The I wanted to be Violet. I wanted to live in a boxcar and I wanted to solve mysteries. I loved where those books took me, from lighthouses, to the south seas, and the revolutionary war.
My copy of the Boxcar Children Mystery with my name scrawled in my first grade hand writing is a treasured possession.

Since then, there have been other books that have truly shaped my life. Books that I've turned to when I've had a bad day, books that have inspired, and ones that have made me think. There are those that I need to read every year and those that I've read so frequently that I have the page numbers of my favorite parts memorized. There are heroins I've wanted to be like, and countless boys that I've fallen in love with.

So look forward in the coming months for reviews on books that have shaped my life- because I think that everybody should read them, and hopefully more than once. :)

I would love to know what book got you hooked or what books have shaped your life.

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