Friday, July 17, 2009


Twilight. Just saying the word either brings out the claws of those that hate it, or the passionate declarations of love from "Team Edward."

I've read all of them and first thought that she was a brilliant storyteller. Then book three and four came along and I just lost interest. I got sick of whinny, moody and selfish Bella, perfect Edward, and a plot that became weaker by the page. I can see the appeal of this book. Every girl identifies with Bella. She's not the prettiest girl, she's clumsy, average and ordinary, but somehow she ends up with the perfect guy. Don't we all want that? Unfortunately, I believe this whole book gives an unrealistic view of love, marriage and boys and in the process does all three a disservice.

I came across this review and thought it was hilarious (even if you are a "Team Edward" fan, this is still hilarious).

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  1. very true. the plot is somewhat unrealistic because of Edward's being perfect. nevertheless, i still like the part when they should be fist-to-fist with the volturis, too bad they did not fight. i at least want to experience some action scenes, sadly, the whole book only revolves around bella and her love story. tsk.tsk.tsk.